20/9/2013 Yuki Kajiura LIVE in Hong Kong


先來今次Set List先︰
01. The beginning of the end (Fate Zero)
02. The battle to the stroge (Fate Zero)
03. The image theme of Xenosaga II (Xenosaga II)
04. Vanity (Fiction)
05. Liminality (.hack//Liminality)
06. In the land of twilight , under the moon (.hack // SIGN)
07. 花守の丘 (北斗の拳)
08. Parallel Heart (Pandora Hearts)
09. salva nos (NOIR)
10. In the garden of sinners ~ Paradigm (空の境界)
11. Distance (Gundam SEED HD Remaster)
12. 時の向こう 幻の空 (おおかみかくし)
13. Credens Justitian (魔法少女まどか☆マギカ)
14. Luminous Sword (Sword Art Online)
15. デュラン召喚 (舞-Hime)
16. 目覚め (舞-Hime)
17. Stone cold (Sacred Seven)
18. Sweet song (Xenosage II)
EN1. The World (.hack //SIGN)
EN2. Zodiacal Sign (Aquarius age)
EN3. Open Your Heart (.hack//SIGN)

真係So SAD

開始期待Kalafina Live中 XDDDD

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